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Computer Science

Android App Development

Master the skills to create native Android apps with Java and Kotlin.


Artificial Intelligence with Python

Develop your own AI projects using Python libraries like TensorFlow or PyTorch.


Building a Tech Portfolio

Showcase your skills and projects to attract potential employers or clients.


Coding Interview Bootcamp

Master the interview process and land your dream software engineering job.


Computer Graphics & Game Development

Create stunning visuals and interactive games using graphics programming techniques.


Computer Science & Problem Solving

Understand the core principles of computer science and apply them to solve real-world problems.


Computer Science History

Understand the evolution of computers and their impact on society.


Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Learn the essential concepts of cybersecurity and how to protect systems from cyberattacks.


Data Structures & Algorithms

Explore fundamental data structures and algorithms used in modern software development.


Database Management Systems

Master database design, SQL queries, and data management principles.


Discrete Mathematics for CS

Grasp essential mathematical concepts needed for computer science, like sets, graphs, and logic.


Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing

Explore responsible hacking techniques to identify and protect against vulnerabilities.


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